About Us

Advances in the understanding and application of biomolecular structure-function relationships require a wide array of resources, perspectives and expertise. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies; academic and government institutions; foundations and NGOs – everyone has an essential part to play.

But someone must stand at the center and serve as the catalyst. That’s why IBBR is uniquely structured to bring together all of the critical elements necessary to pursue solutions for major scientific and medical challenges.

  • We’re focused on structure-based design, characterization and testing of proteins and nucleic acids.  
  • We’re enabling groundbreaking research and innovative translational applications.
  • We’re driving productive scientific and commercialization interactions among academia, government and industry.

Our cross-functional capabilities, collaborative relationships, innovative commercialization support and strategically located campus are designed for seamless interactions among stakeholders. Together we’re ready to face the challenges ahead. And to be an essential part of the team developing practical solutions that make a difference.