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IBBR offers a vibrant, multidisciplinary training environment for highly motivated students.  We offer opportunities for high school and undergraduate research internships, and graduate and postdoctoral training at our College Park and Shady Grove locations.  Please direct inquiries about our training programs to

Graduate Programs

Pictured above is Yang Shen, a 4th year IBBR and MOCB student in the laboratory of Dr. Daniel Nelson (IBBR and Veterinary Medicine). His research focuses on utilizing several proteins derived from bacteriophage to treat bacterial infections as alternative antimicrobials.

Students interested in pursuing graduate studies at IBBR are encouraged to review the People and Research sections of the website to identify areas of interest.  IBBR faculty participate in a wide variety of graduate programs in the life sciences and engineering through the University of Maryland College Park Graduate School and the University of Maryland Graduate School Baltimore.  Prospective students should review these websites for information about the admission process, courses of study, and degree requirements.

Relevant programs include:

University of Maryland College Park

IBBR faculty are involved in two NIH Training Grants awarded to the University of Maryland College Park

University of Maryland Baltimore


The internship program provides highly motivated students the opportuntiy to work with mentors and explore careers in the fields of science, information technology, and business administration.


IBBR offers undergraduate research internships to undergraduate students enrolled in the Biological Sciences program of the Universities at Shady Grove.

IBBR faculty participate in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Programs at the University of Maryland which offer undergraduate research fellowships to students enrolled at the University of Maryland College Park.

High School

IBBR offers a limited number of high school internships for highly motivated Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) students for those interested in a mentored scientific program. Priority is given to students who have completed or are enrolled in Molecular Biology or Molecular Biotechnology AND are applying for a summer and academic year placement. Students may receive pay during the summer and MCPS internship course credit during academic semesters. Applications will be activated from January 15, 2018-February 18, 2018.

Postdoctoral Training

IBBR offers a vibrant multidisciplinary environment for postdoctoral research.  Individuals interested in pursuing postdoctoral studies should contact IBBR investigators directly about opportunities in their  laboratory.  Typically, postdoctoral positions are supported by research grants or by individual postdoctoral fellowships.  

Specific  postdoctoral programs involving IBBR investigators include the following:

NRC Research Associateship Program-Opportunities are available through the National Research Council’s Research Associateship Program (RAP) to undertake research in the laboratory of a NIST investigator.  Prospective applicants should contact a NIST investigator directly to ascertain interest and should consult the RAP website for eligibility criteria and application procedures.  

Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation Research Fellowship for Postdoctoral Researchers- A Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship for postdoctoral researchers allows researchers from Germany to carry out a long-term research project (6 to 24 months) in cooperation with an academic host at a research institution abroad. The host must be an academic working abroad who has already been sponsored by the Humboldt Foundation (laboratory of John Marino).