IBBR will be closing the sequencing service 6/30/2018. Please contact the IBBR DNA Sequencing Lab for questions.


The UM-IBBR Sequencing Core provides the research community at the University of Maryland (as well as off-campus customers) with access to 'Next Generation' sequencing. We feature an Illumina HiSeq1500 instrument, which can generate up to 500 million clusters, or a billion paired-end reads per run. Run times range from about four days for 50-base applications to 8 days for 100-base paired-end reads and the accuracy enables a broad range of applications, including but not limited to:

  • DNA sequencing (DNA-seq)
  • Transcriptome analysis (RNA-seq)

Information about the Illumina technology and capabilities can be viewed at

Samples to be sequenced on the HiSeq1500 go through several stages of preparation and quality checks, as outlined in the workflow diagram page.  If you are new to this technology and/or would like experimental design assistance, set up a consultation before completing the submission form by e-mailing the IBBR DNA Sequencing Lab.  Click here to view pricing info.  To make a payment online via credit card for IBBR Illumina services please click here to go to the payment site. Please have your invoice available to enter the invoice number and enter DNA Sequencing in the details field.