News Releases

NIST-IBBR Researchers Awarded Department of Commerce Gold Medal for developing the NISTmAb Standard

October 11, 2017 -- NIST-IBBR scientists receive a 2017 Department of Commerce (DOC) Gold Medal Award, the highest honor award bestowed by the United States Department of Commerce.  John Schiel, Abigail Turner and Catherine Mouchahoir were recognized with their NIST colleagues Srivalli Telikepalli and Paul Derose for developing NISTmAb, industry’s first monoclonal antibody reference material and benchmarking tool for the manufacturing of life-saving protein drugs.  

Montgomery County High School Interns Showcase Their Achievements

August 21, 2017 -- The University of Maryland Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology Research (IBBR) solicits applications each year for summer and year-long internships open to Montgomery County high school juniors (age 16 and over). On Wednesday, August 16, this year’s summer interns presented their findings via posters they created, as IBBR faculty, post-doctoral fellows, graduate students and staff talked with them about what they had learned. 

Decade of TMV research leads to never-before-seen microsystems for energy storage, biosensors and self-sustaining systems

June 21, 2017 -- Since 2007, University of Maryland professors Reza Ghodssi (Electrical and Computer Engineering and Institute for Systems Research) and James Culver (Plant Sciences and Landscape Architecture and Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology Research) have partnered with colleagues from materials science, chemistry and bioengineering to create devices using the Tobacco mosaic virus as a biological nanoscaffold. The work has resulted in never-before-possible microsystems for energy storage and biological sensors.