Signal-directed sequential assembly of biomolecules on patterned surfaces.

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TitleSignal-directed sequential assembly of biomolecules on patterned surfaces.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsYi, H, Wu, L-Q, Ghodssi, R, Rubloff, GW, Payne, GF, Bentley, WE
Date Published2005 Mar 15
KeywordsBase Sequence, Chitosan, DNA Probes, Fluorescent Dyes, Nucleic Acids, Proteins, Surface Properties

The signal-guided and sequential assembly of biomolecules onto patterned surfaces is demonstrated. Readily transmittable electric signals are used to guide spatially selective deposition of the pH-responsive polysaccharide, chitosan, and functionalized chitosan conjugates, by generating localized pH gradients. The nucleophilic primary amine groups of chitosan enable facile conjugation of proteins and nucleic acids by two approaches, one an enzymatic approach and the other a standard chemical modification, thus providing flexibility when sequentially assembling biomolecules in a spatially selective manner. Moreover, we developed an agarose gel "biomask" for the sequential assembly of single-stranded DNA and confirmed its functionality through nucleic acid hybridization assays.

Alternate JournalLangmuir
PubMed ID15751993