Microneedles for Intradermal Vaccination: Immunopotentiation and Formulation Aspects

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TitleMicroneedles for Intradermal Vaccination: Immunopotentiation and Formulation Aspects
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsAndrianov, AK, Singh, M
Book TitleNovel Immune Potentiators and Delivery Technologies for Next Generation Vaccines
PublisherSpringer US
ISBN Number978-1-4614-5379-6
KeywordsImmunization, Medical Microbioloty, Microneedles, Vaccines

Microneedle systems can open ample possibilities for the development of new generation vaccines and even revolutionize the practice of vaccination. Ease of administration, improved immune protection, antigen dose sparing, and independence of cold-chain distribution are among the many potential benefits that the technology can introduce in the field. Due to the same advantages, microneedle-based vaccines, and intradermal vaccination in general can also open new prospects for the development of low cost vaccines for the developing countries.