Tobacco Mosaic Virus as a Versatile Platform for Molecular Assembly and Device Fabrication.

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TitleTobacco Mosaic Virus as a Versatile Platform for Molecular Assembly and Device Fabrication.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsChu, S, Brown, AD, Culver, JN, Ghodssi, R
JournalBiotechnol J
Date Published2018 Oct 04

Viruses are unique biological agents that infect living host cells through molecular delivery of a genomic cargo. Over the past two decades advancements in genetic engineering and bioconjugation technologies have allowed the unprecedented use of these "unfriendly" biological molecules, as nanoscopic platforms for the advancement of an array of nanotechnology applications. This mini-review focuses on providing a brief summary of key demonstrations leveraging the versatile characteristics of Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) for molecular assembly and bio-device integration. A comprehensive discussion of genetic and chemical modification strategies along with potential limiting factors that impact the assembly of these macromolecules is presented to provide useful insights for adapting TMV as a potentially universal platform towards developing advanced nanomaterials. Additional discussions on biofabrication techniques developed in parallel to enable immobilization, alignment, and patterning of TMV-based functional particles on solid surfaces will highlight technological innovations that can be widely adapted for creating nanoscopic device components using these engineered biomacromolecules. Further exploitation in the design of molecular specificity and assembly mechanisms and the development of highly controllable and scalable TMV-device integration strategies will expand the library of nanoscale engineering tools that can be used for the further development of virus-based nanotechnology platforms.

Alternate JournalBiotechnol J
PubMed ID30288951