Next Generation Protein Therapeutics

Current pharmaceuticals can be divided into three main groups: small molecules, small peptides and peptide hormones, and natural proteins (ranging from interferons to therapeutic antibodies). The most widely used pharmaceuticals are small organic molecules that bind to natural human targets. The use of protein therapeutics, such as peptide hormones, antibodies and enzymes, is a rapidly growing pharmaceutical area with strong potential for treating major medical needs, including chronic maladies such as cancer, inflammatory, metabolic and genetic conditions.

IBBR is leveraging more than 25 years of leading research, capabilities and collaborations to design and engineer the most advanced protein therapeutics – or SMART molecules – that will have the ability to bind, compute and act on medically relevant molecular targets and then refold to inactive state so that it can recycle (Figure 5). Targeted delivery systems will be achieved using polymer carriers amenable to macromolecules.

SMART molecules projects hope to improve the efficacy of drug delivery