IBBR Seminar Series

Special Seminar: Improving Upstream Mammalian Cell Culture Biomanufacturing through the AMBIC Initiative

AMBIC (AMBIC.org) is a academic-government-industrial consortium dedicated to addressing early stage research and development challenges in upstream cell culture biomanufacturing.  Proposed areas of common interest are elucidated through summer workshops organized around the topical areas of cells, raw materials, processes, and equipment.  Industrial and federal mentors identify scientific and engineering bottlenecks that limit the production of pharmaceuticals used to treat cancer and other diseases, resulting in a call for proposal to academic members.  Academics then present proposals wh

Lecture Series: Designing ionizable lipids and lipid nanoparticles for mRNA vaccines

TITLE: Designing ionizable lipids and lipid nanoparticles for mRNA vaccines


Michael D. Buschmann1, Manuel Carrasco1, Suman Alishetty1, Hooda Said1, Lacey Wright1, Mikell Paige2, Pat Gillevet3, Aarthi Narayanan4, Mohamad-Gabriel Alameh5, Ousamah Soliman5, Drew Weissman5, Thomas E. Cleveland IV6, Alexander Grishaev6

1Department of Bioengineering, George Mason University

Lecture Series: Mechanisms of Human Inflammatory Diseases: Lessons from Viruses

My laboratory has focused on several areas of human immunology and virology, particularly in studying human immuno-pathology of chronic virus infections. My group was one of the first to use humanized mouse models to study HIV-1 or HBV/HCV infection and pathogenesis.  My lab has identified novel virological and immunological mechanisms of HIV-1 and HBV pathogenesis.  In recent years, my group has discovered and focused on the Plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDC)-interferon-macrophage axis in the immuno-pathogenesis and therapy of chronic HIV & HBV infections.