IBBR Seminar Series

NIST BMD Seminar: Next Gen COVID19 vaccines

Nucleic acid vaccines have emerged as the leading approach to combat the current COVID19 pandemic. However, there are still large regions in the world where vaccine distribution is sparse creating “vaccine deserts” where viral transmission and replication is occurring unchecked, increasing the likelihood of the emergence of a new variant of concern that could be resistant to current COVID19 vaccines. In addition, zoonotic transmission of a new betacoronavirus (CoV) remains a constant threat.

Special Seminar: Improving Upstream Mammalian Cell Culture Biomanufacturing through the AMBIC Initiative

AMBIC (AMBIC.org) is a academic-government-industrial consortium dedicated to addressing early stage research and development challenges in upstream cell culture biomanufacturing.  Proposed areas of common interest are elucidated through summer workshops organized around the topical areas of cells, raw materials, processes, and equipment.  Industrial and federal mentors identify scientific and engineering bottlenecks that limit the production of pharmaceuticals used to treat cancer and other diseases, resulting in a call for proposal to academic members.  Academics then present proposals wh