IBBR Seminar Series

Lecture Series: Open Insulin: A Commons-Based, Cooperative Response To A Global Health Crisis

At a number of community labs around the world including BUGSS in Baltimore, Maryland and  Counter Culture Labs in Oakland, California, a group of volunteers are working on open protocols and hardware to produce insulin, and organizational structures and business and governance strategies to distribute it, in hopes of reducing the cost of the drug, improving access to it, and involving more people in the research around it. Insulin, despite being known and used for 100 years, remains out of reach of roughly 50% of the 100 million worldwide who need it.

NIST BMD/IBBR Seminar: Standardized AAV and LVV Viral Vector and Plasmid Manufacturing and Analytics

Scalability and affordability are two of the main prominent challenges for the AAV and lentivirus-based cell and gene therapy supply.  To meet the need for increased viral vector manufacturing, we propose to establish standardized AAV and lenvirus vector and plasmid manufacturing and analytics to ensure consistency of the productivity and to accelerate the release of GMP materials. Transfection efficiency, selection of producer cells, upstream production and downstream purification by chromatography as well as packaging plasmid manufacturing will be discussed.