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IBBR Postdoc Program

“Team science” in education and workforce to achieve the IBBR mission.

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The IBBR Postdoc Program (IPP) focuses on collaborative research involving basic science that directly impacts the advancement of therapeutic development, vaccine development, and manufacturing regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. IPP Fellow project teams (Fig. 1) are designed with a combination of the IPP Fellow career goals and priorities of project mentors who can be from academic, government, and/or industrial laboratories throughout the University of Maryland, NIST and the I-270 corridor. IPP Fellows will leverage their research opportunity using highly specialized infrastructure and expertise in the “IBBR Commons”. The “IBBR Commons” has a vibrant and highly motivated group of internationally recognized scientists who develop and implement some of the most sophisticated analytical and biophysical instrumentation in the world including for state-of-the-art structure-based vaccine and drug development (X-ray crystallography, NMR, CryoEM). If you are interested in becoming an IPP Fellow, please reach out to us, as we look forward to you joining us at IBBR to “See one, Do one, and Teach one” while simultaneously designing and launching your own careers.

2022 IPP Fellows
2022 IBBR Postdoc Program Fellows and Mentors

To request additional information regarding the IPP, please email IBBR-IPP@umd.edu.