IBBR advances ground-breaking research, technology development and standards with a focus on:

  • Basic science, measurement technology and standards that advance discovery, development, and manufacture of complex therapeutic drugs and vaccines.
  • Basic science, measurement technology and data science that advance engineering of biological molecules and biomolecular systems relevant to pharmaceutical development and biotechnology applications.
Protein Structure Image
T cell receptor-p53-HLA-A2 complex (Wu, D., Gallagher, D.T., Gowthaman, R., Pierce, B.G., Mariuzza, R.A.)
Dr. Pozharskiy collects Cryo-EM data
Dr. Edvin Pozharskiy (IBBR Fellow) collects Cryo-EM data

IBBR research involves advancing state-of-the-art methods and measurements, including:

  • Approaches for determination of the structure and dynamics of biological molecules at atomic resolution, including cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), x-ray crystallography (XRD), small angle neutron and x-ray scattering (SANS/SAXS) and HDX-mass spectrometry (MS)).
  • Quantitative analysis of biological molecules and biomolecular complexes and mixtures using advanced bioanalytical tools
  • Computational modeling, AI, machine learning and deep learning in applications including data & image analysis, and modeling/prediction of biomolecular structure, stability, and biomolecular interactions, with a focus on those involving therapeutic intervention.

IBBR strives to bring together IBBR Researchers to meet certain strategic objectives including, but not limited to:

  • Fostering interdisciplinary approaches and building scientific expertise that will drive measurement innovation and facilitate the translation of basic scientific discoveries to the development and manufacture of therapeutics and vaccines.
  • Building external collaborations with industry, academic and federal laboratories, as well as state agencies and technology development organizations, to support basic science and translational of biomedical, biotechnology and measurement solutions.
  • Providing specialized training and mentoring opportunities to educate the next generation of biotechnology, bioscience, and biomedical researchers.
Dr Nelson works with graduate student
Dr. Daniel Nelson (IBBR Fellow) alongside postdoc associate Dr. Sara Linden