Areas of Focus

Biomolecular Engineering
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Disease Pathways and Biomolecular Targets
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Host-Pathogen Interactions
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Biomolecular Measurement Sciences
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News Releases

  • Chinese Delegation Visits IBBR
  • IBBR Associate Director Co-Authors Science Paper on Vitamin A Transport
  • IBBR-NIST Scientists receive MML Accolades Awards for outstanding work
  • An Extraordinary Standard: New NIST Protein Could Spur Biopharmaceutical Innovation

Recent Publications

  • Performance of ZDOCK and IRAD in CAPRI rounds 28-34.
  • Organization of olfactory centres in the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae.
  • Autoinducer-2 analogs and electric fields - an antibiotic-free bacterial biofilm combination treatment.
  • Structural Insights into the Inhibitory Mechanism of an Antibody against B7-H6, a Stress-Induced Cellular Ligand for the Natural Killer Cell Receptor NKp30.