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IBBR Postdoc Julia Greenfield Wins Outstanding Poster Award

Mon, May 15, 2023
Dr. Julia Greenfield

On May 3, 3023, Dr. Julia Greenfield, a NIST postdoctoral research associate at IBBR was awarded “Outstanding Poster” for her presentation entitled, “Characterization of freeze-induced transient high-molecular-weight (HMW) species in BiTE solution” at the NIST Sigma Xi Early Career Poster Presentation. Her poster described results from collaborative research aimed at better understanding the stability profile of the novel BiTE protein therapeutic modality which involved researchers from NIST/IBBR, NCNR and AMGEN.  The NIST chapter of Sigma Xi, founded in 1976, honors scientific achievement and collaboration at NIST and within the local region through lectures, events, social activities, and awards. The Early Career Poster Presentation event had 107 poster entries over three sessions, including Biology and Chemistry, Materials and Polymers, and Physics, Manufacturing and Engineering, and Computer Science. As a winner in this year’s annual Early Career Poster Presentation, Dr. Greenfield won an award for Outstanding poster in the category of Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, and Mathematics.