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Recent Publications

  • Mass spectrometry enumeration of filamentous M13 bacteriophage.
  • Improved Modeling of Cation-π and Anion-Ring Interactions Using the Drude Polarizable Empirical Force Field for Proteins.
  • Bacterial co-culture with cell signaling translator and growth controller modules for autonomously regulated culture composition.
  • Pro- and Anti-oxidant Properties of Redox-Active Catechol-Chitosan Films.
  • Practical Guidelines for C-Based NMR Metabolomics.


  • IBBR and REFI Announce New Travel Fellowship
  • IBBR Researchers Develop New Methods for RNA Structure Determination, Aiding Development of New Biotherapeutics
  • IBBR High School Summer Interns Wrap Up a Summer of Discovery
  • IBBR Researchers Release New Database to Support Immunology Research

Press Releases

  • IBBR Request for Proposals (RFP): GMP Biomanufacturing Facility Available - Rockville, Maryland, USA
  • IBBR Collaborates with Integrated BioTherapeutics to Advance a Novel Approach to Treating Infectious Disease
  • IBBR Researchers Awarded $1M from DTRA to Develop Portable Medical Sensors
  • IBBR Investigator to Lead $3.5M NIH-Funded Project to Study Immune Response to HIV-1