Areas of Focus

Biomolecular Engineering
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Disease Pathways and Biomolecular Targets
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Host-Pathogen Interactions
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Biomolecular Measurement Sciences
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News Releases

  • IBBR Doctoral Candidate, Tsega Solomon, Travels to Dublin to Present Protein Folding Research
  • Orban Presents at Gordon Conference in Switzerland
  • Montgomery County Students Gain Biotechnology Experience at IBBR
  • IBBR Researcher, Dr. Alexander Andrianov, Receives Funding for Two Collaborations

Recent Publications

  • Determination of Ionic Hydration Free Energies with Grand Canonical Monte Carlo/Molecular Dynamics Simulations in Explicit Water.
  • Electrodeposition of a magnetic and redox-active chitosan film for capturing and sensing metabolic active bacteria.
  • Structure of the Fc fragment of the NIST reference antibody RM8671.
  • An activating mutation of the NSD2 histone methyltransferase drives oncogenic reprogramming in acute lymphocytic leukemia.
  • Structural metamorphism and polymorphism in proteins on the brink of thermodynamic stability.