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Recent Publications

  • DNA Sliding Clamps as Therapeutic Targets.
  • Improved Modeling of Halogenated Ligand-Protein Interactions using the Drude Polarizable and CHARMM Additive Empirical Force Fields.
  • Iatrogenic hypertension: a bioinformatic analysis.
  • Selective assembly and functionalization of miniaturized redox capacitor inside microdevices for microbial toxin and mammalian cell cytotoxicity analyses.
  • A Comparison of QM/MM Simulations with and without the Drude Oscillator Model Based on Hydration Free Energies of Simple Solutes.


  • IBBR welcomes middle school students for Frontiers in Science & Medicine Day
  • NIST Director and Standards Alumni Association Honor Former Associate Director of CARB
  • IBBR Research Discovery Could Be Crucial to Development of Cross-Species Ebola Vaccines and Treatments
  • Harnessing Viral Enzymes to Combat Bacterial Infections in Dairy Cows

Press Releases

  • IBBR Receives $1.2M NIH Award to Develop 3D Modeling Tool That Could Lead to New Immunotherapies
  • IBBR Researcher, Dr. Alexander Andrianov, Receives Funding for Two Collaborations
  • Targeting HIV: Moving closer to a potential cure
  • IBBR awarded DOE grant to investigate how to protect an emerging biofuel crop from disease