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Recent Publications

  • A Redox-Based Autoinduction Strategy to Facilitate Expression of 5xCys-Tagged Proteins for Electrobiofabrication.
  • Molecular basis for recognition of the Group A Carbohydrate backbone by the PlyC streptococcal bacteriophage endolysin.
  • Mediated Electrochemical Probing: A Systems-Level Tool for Redox Biology.
  • Principal Component Analysis of 1D ¹H Diffusion Edited NMR Spectra of Protein Therapeutics.
  • Copper-binding anticancer peptides from the piscidin family: an expanded mechanism that encompasses physical and chemical bilayer disruption.


  • Schiel Honored with Flemming Award
  • IBBR Fellow Vincent Njar Receives Inaugural Distinguished University Professor Designation
  • European Patent for Method to Detect Protein Aggregation in a Biopharmaceutical Product Granted to IBBR Investigator Bruce Yu and Coworkers
  • Patent Pending for Novel Antimicrobial-Development Technology Stemming from IBBR Collaboration

Press Releases

  • IBBR Researchers Awarded $850K from NSF to Study How Plants Defend Against Fungal Invasion
  • Fighting Acne: A New Approach Sourced From Viruses
  • IBBR Researchers Receive $1.1M from FDA and NIIMBL to Support Biomanufacturing Innovation
  • IBBR Collaborates with Integrated BioTherapeutics to Advance a Novel Approach to Treating Infectious Disease