Areas of Focus

Biomolecular Engineering
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Disease Pathways and Biomolecular Targets
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Host-Pathogen Interactions
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Biomolecular Measurement Sciences
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News Releases

  • IBBR at Maryland Day!
  • IBBR Graduate Student Receives Dr. Mabel S. Spencer Award
  • IBBR Solar Canopy Dedication - Part of a Larger Energy Savings Plan
  • Surprise Visit by Prof. Changsheng Liu, VP, East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST)

Recent Publications

  • Signal processing approach to probe chemical space for discriminating redox signatures.
  • Engineering bacterial motility towards hydrogen-peroxide.
  • Phenotypic Plasticity, Bet-Hedging, and Androgen Independence in Prostate Cancer: Role of Non-Genetic Heterogeneity.
  • Biofabricating Functional Soft Matter Using Protein Engineering to Enable Enzymatic Assembly.
  • PAGE4 and Conformational Switching: Insights from Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Implications for Prostate Cancer.