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Recent Publications

  • Matching whole genomes to rare genetic disorders: Identification of potential causative variants using phenotype-weighted knowledge in the CAGI SickKids5 clinical genomes challenge.
  • Strategies for Development of a Next-Generation Protein Sequencing Platform.
  • ℓ-gain filter design of discrete-time positive neural networks with mixed delays.
  • Galeterone and The Next Generation Galeterone Analogs, VNPP414 and VNPP433-3β Exert Potent Therapeutic Effects in Castration-/Drug-Resistant Prostate Cancer Preclinical Models In Vitro and In Vivo.
  • Ions Everywhere? Mg in the μ-Opioid GPCR and Atomic Details of Their Impact on Function.


  • Congratulations to Tsega Solomon for a Successful Dissertation Defense
  • Robert Brinson and Kyle Anderson Receive MML Accolades
  • IBBR Welcomes Dr. Bruce Yu
  • IBBR Researchers Publish New Bioengineering Findings in Nature Communications

Press Releases

  • IBBR Request for Proposals (RFP): GMP Biomanufacturing Facility Available - Rockville, Maryland, USA
  • IBBR Collaborates with Integrated BioTherapeutics to Advance a Novel Approach to Treating Infectious Disease
  • IBBR Researchers Awarded $1M from DTRA to Develop Portable Medical Sensors
  • IBBR Investigator to Lead $3.5M NIH-Funded Project to Study Immune Response to HIV-1