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Recent Publications

  • Assessment of the Higher‐Order Structure of Formulated Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutics by 2D Methyl Correlated NMR and Principal Component Analysis
  • Phylotastic: Improving Access to Tree-of-Life Knowledge With Flexible, on-the-Fly Delivery of Trees.
  • Citron C-05 inhibits both the penetration and colonization of subsp. to achieve resistance to citrus canker disease.
  • The Importance and Future of Biochemical Engineering.
  • Synthetic Biology for Manipulating Quorum Sensing in Microbial Consortia.


  • Kunal Kundu Receives Outstanding Graduate Assistant Award
  • IBBR-REFI Travel Fellowship: Spring 2020 Application Open
  • Revealing the Key to Hypervirulent C. difficile Toxin Delivery
  • IBBR Launches BioNEXUS Magazine

Press Releases

  • IBBR Researchers Awarded $850K from NSF to Study How Plants Defend Against Fungal Invasion
  • IBBR Request for Proposals (RFP): GMP Biomanufacturing Facility Available - Rockville, Maryland
  • Fighting Acne: A New Approach Sourced From Viruses
  • IBBR Researchers Receive $1.1M from FDA and NIIMBL to Support Biomanufacturing Innovation