Insect Transformation Facility

A Platform for Insect Genetic Modification


The Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology’s Insect Transformation Facility (ITF) leverages broad and deep knowledge and expertise in insect genetic technologies to meet the demands of insect scientists. We provide access to functional genomics technologies that have arisen during the ongoing revolution in genomics and made insect genome sequence data abundant and inexpensive to obtain. The ITF provides technical services that include delivery by microinjection of insect genetic technologies for genome modification to the soma and germ-line of insects; screening services for genetically modified insects; genetically modified insect line development; and validation.

We also offer training to individuals and groups in all phases of the process of producing genetically modified insects. In addition, we consult with investigators who are planning and executing their own projects to produce genetically modified insects, including best practices for reagent design and delivery, line establishment and validation. IBBR’s outstanding laboratory facilities, insect rearing capacity, small-animal facility, plant growth chambers and greenhouse enable the ITF to successfully undertake projects involving insects with a wide range

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