Event Website and Registration Services

You can avoid worrying about additional staff to handle registration and leave the logistical details to us.  Whether large or small, we will manage all the tasks that go into preparing for an event.  We specialize in designing event websites and online registration sites.  IBBR’s registration services include:

  • Designing an event website
  • Creating an electronic registration system
  • Collecting and processing registration fees
  • Confirming registrations and issuing receipts
  • Reminders sent to incomplete registrants
  • Preparing name badges
  • Preparing registration lists and reports
  • Providing on-site staffing to support registration and other conference logistics

Our registration services packages are designed as an economical and reliable way of eliminating worries and time allowing you more time to focus on your program’ content.  Available to the biotech community with affordable pricing whether in academia, government, industry, or non-profits.  

For additional information, please contact IBBR Events .