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The NISTmAb Interlaboratory NMR Study is a joint effort between 25 organizations to evaluate the performance of two-dimensional (2D) heteronuclear NMR as used to characterize the high order structure (HOS) of proteins, with the aim of harmonizing 2D-NMR methods to support industrial use of NMR as applied to mAb therapeutics. This study features nearly equal representation between laboratories from academia, government, and industry, including 4 laboratories from regulatory agencies.

In the study, each participating lab measured a series of NMR spectra on the NIST-Fab, which was derived by papain cleavage of the NISTmAb. A 20%-enriched 13C, uniformly enriched 15N NIST-Fab, produced from Pichia pastoris, served as the system suitability sample.

Download Summary Slide Deck


This summary slide deck describes the collection of 375 1H, 13C and 75 1H, 15N 2D NMR data produced by the study.